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Below we are presenting various usages of Interlite.

Exterior Design

Ventilated facades protect buildings  from atmospheric agents and drastically increase noise and heat insulation. We enhance these features by guaranteeing a high quality visual appearance.

Residential Design

Interlite’s slabs can be used for a floor and wall covering as well as for fireplace’s claddings. Using chamfered 12+ formats for stairs You receive the edge which is highly resistant to mechanical damage. By choosing natural products to Your interiors You give the proof of high environmental counsciousness. Large format used for claddings give the effect of minimalism.

Office Design

Designing of office space requires a lot of skills. The choice of materials is one of the toughest ones in this process. How to create a functional and attractive space keeping the highest performances of the designed claddings? Interlite slabs offer all those advantages in one – large format guarantees less amount of joints which, after years, start to look dirty.


Interlite Features

Chromatic properties

Due to lack of organic pigments it is resistant to UV rays, even after many years colour remains stable.

Graffiti proof

Easy to clean with fuel or hot water with mild detergent.

Chemical resistance

Resistance to organic and inorganic solvents, disinfectants and detergents, can be easily cleaned without affecting its surface characteristics.

Frost resistance

Low water absorption approx. 0,1%, suitable for any weather conditions. Ideal for outdoor projects.

High flexural strength

High modulus of rupture.

Fire resistance

Does not contain organic materials, therefore it is resistant to fire and high temperatures, do not release smoke as well.

Hygienic surface

Does not release toxic substances in contact with food, does not allow the formation of mould, bacteria and fungi.

Wear resistance

Highly scratchproof material, also to deep abrasion; properties remain unchanged after intensive use and under high traffic.

Eco friendly and recyclable

Made of totally natural products, does not release any substances to environment, can be recycled and use in other manufacturing processes.

Our Process

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Our commitment to quality and services ensure our clients happy. We’re happy to make you feel more comfortable on your home.

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Find a distributor of Interlite – contact page – in Your country or become a distributor and help us to fill the map! Contact us and show Your idea for the use of Interlite slabs, we will provide You with necessary technology and solutions. Choose the colour and finishing of Your Interlite. At the end You will receive a delivery with Your Interlite to Your place.

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